Schine Memorial Hall LLC

Schine Memorial Hall LLC Schine Memorial Hall is one of the gems of Downtown Gloversville. Originally built in 1881 as The Kasson Opera House, it had seating for 1400 and was a cultural hub for the entire area. Schine Memorial Hall is center-stage again as the home of the "Schine On Gloversville" campaign.

Phase I of the campaign was a huge success. In 9 months, we raised the funds needed to qualify for a New York State Main Street Grant. The building was painted, a new roof put on, repairs were made to the rental spaces on the ground floor, exterior brick work was refurbished and uniform awnings now cover all street-level units. The results are spectacular. Phase II & III focused on renovations and rental of the 10,000 square feet of office space on the second floor and on the third floor.

Interested? You're in good company - located between Malta’s enormous Global Foundries. NYS Tech Valley and Fulton County’s 44 lakes, Gloversville’s potential has never been richer.  Call us (518) 775-3830 or email for more information to become part of the solution.  The payoff will be rewarding on many levels.

Tenants Schine Building Gloverville, NY Our varied group of businesses enriches the life & personality of downtown Gloversville. Rent There are limited store-fronts & 10,000 sq feet of opportunities on the second floor available.
  • Office space will be divided to suit on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Office Incubator space available
  • Elevator accessible
  • VERY reasonable rents
  • Air-conditioned
  • Handicapped-accessible bathroom facilities
  • Free Wireless Service
  • Ample parking
  • Within one hour of Albany International Airport
  • Close to NYS Capital area & NYS Tech Valley
  • Within 250 miles of Montreal, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Newark Int'l Airport
  • Close to Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Nathan Littauer Hospital, St Mary's Hospital
  • Active Chamber of Commerce
  • Part of Downtown Gloversville Business Association
Invest Gloversville, NYSchine Memorial Hall, LLC has extended the benefits of buying locally by investing locally.
  • Schine Memorial Hall is a hallmark building of downtown Gloversville
  • The LLC was able to purchase 28,800 sq ft of retail/commercial space for $91,275 - a comparable amount of space would cost $4.5 million to recreate today
  • The first 54 investors realized a 25% return on their investment when the New York Main Street Grant refund of $70,000 was returned in 2012.
  • The LLC is only one of a growing number of local investors choosing to invest in Gloversville for its potential. Currently, there are only three shares available for investing
  • “This architectural treasure could not be duplicated at any price and the history soaked into its bones makes it an irreplaceable treasure.” (Jim Strickland, an investor)