Gloversville map

We begin our tour with a map for those who have never heard of Gloversville, New York. (You may click on the map to make it larger). As a point of reference, New York City (south), Montreal (north), Boston (east) and Buffalo (west) are all within about 200 miles of Gloversville; with Philadelphia, Washington DC and Toronto not much beyond.

The green area on the map just above Gloversville is the Adirondack National Park with its wealth of resources for all-season outdoor activities. Gloversville is surrounded by lovely rolling hills and family farms offering delightful vistas and wonderful local products. Not too far is the new Global Foundries computer chip manufacturing plant in Malta, the NanoTechnology College in Albany and NYS Tech Valley.

Schine Memorial Hall, LLC  

Schine Memorial Hall LLC offers businesses an excellent opportunity to be located in the center of a small city, take advantage of very low rents and still be close to everything. It offers investors an opportunity to invest in the future of the Schine & Gloversville - both full of history and opportunity.

Join us as we take a 'tour' of the Schine Memorial Hall LLC, visit some of its current tenants and a little of downtown Gloversville. We hope you'll see why we are excited about this project. Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

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