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Why WE invested in Schine Memorial Hall LLC

Investing in Schine Memorial Hall is a positive way to help with the revitalization of Gloversville, especially the business district on N. Main St.   It is not only an historically significant building for the city, but is also one that has in the past, and can be, the home for various businesses.  Participating in this endeavor is rewarding on many levels.  I would encourage interested people to contact Ron Zimmerman for the details.  I am sure they would be quickly be willing to join us as we move forward with plans for the building.
Karen Smith
We invested in Schine Memorial LCC because we wanted to be a part of the revitalization of the downtown area.  We believe that this revitalization will lead to improvement in the entire city of Gloversville and ultimately the surrounding region.  Also, our business is located in downtown Gloversville, and a thriving Schine Building, we believe, will draw more people to the area, improving our business as a result.  We are excited for the possibilities that the Schine Building provides, including retail, commercial, professional, and living space.
Jessica & Sam Zimmerman
At a time when we know that many of our investments are overseas, or in complex financial instruments, it is great to have some of our money invested in the Schine Building -- where we can both make all of the investment decisions ourselves and also watch our progress on a day to day basis.  This is local investment in the best sense of the word.
Once we saw the Mohawk Harvest Co-op open in the Schine Building on Main Street, we could not let this chance to save the building pass.  We were lucky to meet up with a dedicated group of others willing to invest in this opportunity and it has been a very exciting process.
Michelle and Sid Harring
The Farmers Market Pavilion is a success, The Mohawk Harvest Co-op is a success,  The Micropolis Art Gallery is a success;  so too will the Schine Memorial Hall certainly succeed as a place to be in community,  Downtown!
David V Clough, MD
We chose to live in Gloversville many years ago for several reasons, the sense of community and sidewalks connecting people and places are among two of the reasons .  I grew up in a small town, and my husband grew up in a close neighborhood in Queens.  We value the connections to people, the sense of being there for each other.  Our investment in the Schine Building is an outgrowth of that community connection.  What happens to downtown, affects all of us.  Many Gloversvillians don't realize the beauty of our downtown, and the uniqueness of our style.  If you look up as you walk...you can see the pride that people once took in their buildings.  I want that for all of Gloversville, and we are starting with the Schine building.
David and Christine Pesses
We support positive endeavors to make our community shine. By joining people with forward thinking attitudes, we believe we can make a difference. Preserving the beautiful Schine Building is one step in this direction.
Ginni  and  John  Mazur
There’s something very tangible about investing in the Shine Memorial Building. Because I grew up in Gloversville, I wanted to be a positive part of restoring and preserving a Main Street classic which most of us remember with great clarity. In a world of tearing down the old, it is very satisfying to know that the remarkable people invested in this project are moving forward with an unsentimental value of preserving the beauty of the past.
Susan Hathaway Ringland